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Credit Cards UK Credit Cards 365 reviews the top 0% interest credit cards available in the UK market. It's well worth shopping around to ensure you get of the best value UK credit card offers available, as over time this can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds over what can be a short period of time. Credit Cards 365 will save you time, effort and money by bringing the latest top UK credit card offers, deals, news, compare tools and reviews to the one place. You can also get online UK credit card quotes from all of our offers without commiting to taking out their cards.

There are many types of credit cards available in the UK, however this site will concentrate on the most popular types of credit cards available: 0% APR balance transfer credit cards and 0% APR purchase credit cards. With some 0% interest balance transfer credit cards you can transfer the balance from other credit cards and some also allow you to transfer the balance from store cards and loans and overdrafts to your new credit card, and will offer an introductory free period of typically between 6 to 9 months, sometimes even longer. With a 0% interest purchase credit card you can purchase goods, and you won't have to pay any interest on the outstanding amount during this 0% interest introductory period, again, this will normally be between 6 to 9 months. Some UK credit card companies may offer a combination of these benefits on the one card.

If you don't know anything about credit cards we now have a credit card basics section, and have tried to simplify some of the jargon used frequently in today's market. This explains APR, Interest Rates, Minimum Pamements, Balance Transfer fees and minimum payments.

There is a section explaining the types of credit cards available, and outlines which type of credit card suits different requirements.

You can also compare credit cards on the market today from our list of the best offers on credit cards in the current market.

This site also provides listings updated daily of the top 10 credit cards on the market.
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